When you’ve worked hard to build a strong reputation in your industry, a poor review or negative feedback can have an adverse effect on your business. Worse still, if you do nothing to try to defend your reputation by ignoring customer complaints, damaging words by internet trolls or someone with an agenda, the impact on your business can be utterly devastating.

If your business is suffering from an online reputation problem, all is not lost. At ExpaDigital, our reputation management services use a number of techniques to reduce the impact of damaging content online. Give us a call in confidence, and let us get your reputation back on top.

We'll build you up

Our fantastic team at Expadigital will create positive coverage for your business to build you back up after reputation damage. Whether it’s formulating positive press, social media posts and responses, we’ll come up with an effective plan of action for your particular circumstances.

Reputation Monitoring

We can monitor your social media and customer review channels so that we can pick up on any negative comments or damaging feedback as soon as possible. We identify potential problems and can work with you to respond to such comments in a way that will limit reputation damage.

Challenging damaging content

If there is content that is unfairly damaging your reputation, you have the right to take certain actions. We can help you by applying to have unwanted content removed from search results, where applicable, whether it’s unfair media coverage or a misleading article. We can also put you in touch with a legal team to advise on matters concerning libel or defamation of character.

Case Studies

Reputation Management Case Study

We were approached by a company that was frustrated with an unfair article that had been written about them online. After looking at legal options, she consulted us to see if we could help. Within a few short weeks, we were able to have the article removed from Google's search results.

Case Studies

Reputation Management Case Study

We worked with an e-commerce store that had hundreds of negative reviews as a result of unforeseen delivery delays. Being short-staffed, our client didn't have time to respond to all the complaints. Expadigital worked with the business to create a campaign to respond to the feedback in a way that offered a happy resolution for the customers and the business. This helped to build up the store's reputation again.

Why Choose ExpaDigital?

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